The Genoa plant is built on sustainable practices. It is run partially on hydroelectric power, efficiently serviced by unit trains, home to a clean reclamation project, and actively involved in the conservation of the endangered piping plover and least tern.

Preferred Sands of Genoa’s frac sand capacity is made up of recycled dredge spoils from the Loup River, which is dredged to clear a pathway for a nearby hydroelectric dam. The company takes their responsibility as Stewards of the Land seriously.

Given Genoa’s central location in Nebraska, direct UP rail service, and low operating costs, Genoa can competitively supply customers across North America.

We offer a variety of grades at Preferred Sands of Genoa: 12/20, 16/30, 20/40, 30/50, 40/70 and 100M.

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