Preferred FloPRO®

FloPRO® combines Proppant Transport Technology with a lasting hydrophobic coating for superior proppant distribution and increased production.

Maximize EUR per well and reduce costs per barrel:

  • Increase well productivity by increasing propped frac volume
  • Improve production decline curve
  • Reduce frac operation time
  • Reduce unplanned operations (gel sweeps)
  • Reduce sand settling and duning experienced during slickwater fracs


More than 30 wells utilized FloPRO® in the USA & Canada

Finalist For World Petroleum Council Excellence Awards 2017


75% increase in oil production compared to offset wells with equivalent designs and reservoir quality

Lasting, built-in hydrophobic coating enhances the formation’s relative permeability to hydrocarbons by reducing water saturation.

  • Minimize water blockage in the proppant pack
  • Improve water flowback, especially in low reservoir pressures
  • Remain on proppant after transfer
  • Limit silica dust exposure during all sand transfer points

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