Leadership + innovation = superior performance

Preferred is dedicated to consistently identifying and developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the hydraulic fracturing industry. Preferred has developed the following proppant solutions to meet rapidly evolving well requirements, environmental concerns and a changing regulatory environment:

  • Preferred Polymetric Proppants: the most advanced downhole coated proppant technology, designed to increase your production efficiency and upgrade your performance from conventional resin-coated proppants
  • DustPRO proppant: the first proppant that solves for dusting throughout the product lifecycle; designed to meet and exceed current and future silica exposure limits at the well site
  • FloPRO PTT: combine Proppant Transport Technology with a lasting hydrophobic coating for superior proppant distribution and increased production.

The Preferred Polymeric Proppant and DustPRO™ proppant lines are fueled by the following proprietary technologies developed in exclusive collaboration with the DOW Chemical Company:

  • Teraforce™ Technology: “hybrid” technology combines attributes from pre-cured and curable products and to allow proppants to perform like a pre-cured product, yet with the capacity to form particle-to-particle bonds that minimize proppant flow-back
  • Tersus™ Technology: environmentally friendly base chemistry maintains substrate sieve characteristics while reducing proppant dust by up to 300%