Leadership + innovation = superior performance

Preferred provides its revolutionary line of products to customers with an unmatched combination of industry experience, product performance, logistical expertise, and competitive pricing.

Natural Sands: Preferred is capable of processing silica sands in multiple gradations to meet your needs, including: 12/20; 16/30; 20/40; 30/50; 40/70; 100M.

FloPRO PTT: Combines Proppant Transport Technology with a lasting hydrophobic coating for superior proppant distribution and increased production.

DustPRO: The first proppant that solves for dusting throughout the product lifecycle; designed to meet and exceed current and future silica exposure limits at the well site.

Preferred Polymetric Proppants: Some of the most advanced downhole coated proppant technologies, designed to increase your production efficiency and upgrade your performance from conventional resin-coated proppants.

The Preferred Polymeric Proppant and DustPRO® proppant lines are fueled by the following proprietary technologies developed in collaboration with the DOW Chemical Company:

Teraforce™ Technology: “Hybrid” technology combines attributes from pre-cured and curable products and to allow proppants to perform like a pre-cured product, yet with the capacity to form particle-to-particle bonds that minimize proppant flow-back.

Tersus™ Technology: Environmentally friendly base chemistry maintains substrate sieve characteristics while reducing proppant dust by up to 300%.