Preferred DustPRO®

Preferred DustPRO® is the first industry silica dust control solution that uses preventative technology to solve for dusting throughout the product lifecycle.

Preferred DustPRO® is a cost effective, treated proppant solution designed to reduce airborne silica dust particles during all sand transfer points, including pneumatic transfer. Developed in exclusive collaboration with the DOW Chemical Co., DustPRO® provides an alternative method to traditional silica dust control methods and provides the ability to:

  • Meet silica exposure limits
  • Avoid loss in conductivity during pneumatic transfer
  • Eliminate nuisance silica dust build-up throughout the product lifecycle
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing dust controls throughout the supply chain

DustPRO® proppant has numerous advantages over mechanical silica dust control systems:

  • Operations may remain uncovered, with unlimited access to blender and belt areas
  • Conveniently and safely access critical equipment
  • Eliminate dozens of unsafe tripping hazards
  • Eliminate hauling bulky, burdensome equipment to and from your well site
  • Schedule your job without the added cost and hassle of waiting for your vacuum or downtime waiting for its repair
  • Eliminate the need to dispose of toxic silica flour
DustPRO®'s preventative technology provides a safe and cost-effective dust-control solution to customers, employees, and communities.