Preferred Sands is an owner-operated industrial sand company driven by an entrepreneurial
spirit, a results-oriented culture, and a philosophy based on individual performance and responsibility.

With locations throughout the United States, Preferred Sands is a leading supplier of high-quality coated sand,
white sand, proppants, and frac sand.

Our Polymeric Proppants offer a wide spectrum of product types and grades that offer almost unlimited
flexibility to perform under virtually any well condition and depth.

Preferred Pipeline is a full-service sourcing solution dedicated to ensuring a reliable source of well supplies
while utilizing an unparalleled supply chain network to deliver products at the lowest landed cost.

Preferred Sands' focus is simple and steadfast: supply superior products and service to our customers
while maintaining a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to our customers, employees, surrounding
communities and the environment.

Preferred Sands recognizes and honors its responsibility to create sustainable business practices that
protect the environment and support the communities in which it operates.