Preferred’s polyurethane coating technology is designed to increase your production efficiency and upgrade your performance, combining the benefits of a conventional curable and precured resin to stop sand flowback.

  • Diminish or eliminate proppant flowback
  • Minimize crush at extreme closure stress
  • Protect proppant pack from fines generated during cyclic stress
  • Superior near wellbore structure for increased BOE output
  • Built-in activating mechanism
  • Suitable for the most extreme environments
  • Substantially minimize chemical leaching

Industry Leading Polyurethane Resins

RCS Garnet®

LOW TO MEDIUM TEMPERATURE POLYURETHANE RESINS RCS Garnet® is the industry standard for effective flowback control in low to medium temperature reservoirs.

  • Award-winning polymeric coating provides a new and innovative technology for flowback control
  • Built-in activating mechanism
  • Diminish or eliminate proppant flowback
  • Minimize fines migration for improved long-term effective permeability
  • Substantially minimize chemical leaching

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MEDIUM TO HIGH TEMPERATURE POLYURETHANE RESINS DuraSandTM is the most cost-effective resin coated proppant in the marketplace.

  • Stops sand flowback, even at extremely high flow rates
  • Increase crush resistance
  • Improves “effective” conductivity
    • Resists cyclic stress
    • Reduces fines migrations
  • Reduces silica dust

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Leighton Tapia
Regional Sales Manager, Midland

338% Growth in coated proppant volumes from 2016 to 2018.

Specialty Polyurethane Resins


LOW TEMPERATURE POLYURETHANE RESINS RCS Ice® is the only proppant that provides effective flowback control in extreme low-temperature reservoirs.

RCS Chrome ®

MEDIUM TEMPERATURE POLYURETHANE RESINS RCS Chrome® is designed to provide proppant flowback control in moderate-temperature reservoirs.

RCS Heat®

HIGH TEMPERATURE POLYURETHANE RESINS RCS Heat® is the highest performance alternative to ceramics and precured resins designed to provide a superior combination of high-strength and effective conductivity.

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Max Tackett
Regional Sales Manager, OKC

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