Preferred Polymeric Proppants

TeraForce™ Polymeric Coating Technology is designed to increase your production efficiency and upgrade your performance from conventional resin-coated proppants.

  • Diminish or eliminate proppant flow-back
  • Minimize crush at extreme closure stress
  • Superior near wellbore structure for increased BOE output
  • Built-in activating mechanism
  • Suitable for the most extreme environments
  • Substantially minimize chemical leaching

Low-Temperature Polymeric Proppants

Designed to maximize performance in low-temperature, low-pressure wells without an additional activator.

ICE: 60°–95°F (16°–35°C)

GARNET: 90°–165°F (32°–73°C)

High-Temperature Polymeric Proppants

Designed to maximize performance and flowback control in deep, harsh reservoirs.

CHROME: 140°–280°F (60°–138°C)

PEARL: 140°–300°F (60°–148°C)

HEAT: 170°F+ (76°C+)