Minimizing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle

Our sand is a natural product.

Preferred has initiated reclamation projects at all of its locations to guarantee that the land that we inhabit is restored to its original condition and can be enjoyed and respected for many generations to come. Through our reclamation projects, we enable our neighbors to retain ownership of their land while simultaneously creating jobs and renewing small town economies.

We strive to harmoniously integrate our plants with their surrounding ecologies. Our Nebraska silica sand is processed from an above-ground reserve that has accumulated over decades as a result of dredging activities conducted by the Loup Power District. This process maintains an irrigation canal to feed their hydroelectric power plant that, in turn, supplies the power to our plant and surrounding community. Our activity provides a reduction in the sand accumulation and qualifies Preferred Sands of Genoa as an environmental reclamation project.

Preferred’s clean technology leads the industry in its quest for social responsibility: our proprietary chemistry and specialized manufacturing processes provides a clean alternative to phenolics.

Our commitment to reducing environmental impacts extends far beyond the production of our coated products to the well sites where they are used. Preferred’s products generate significantly less dust, and have no phenol, hexamethylenetetramine, or formaldehyde leaching even under the most extreme down-well conditions, preventing undesired reactions with frac fluids in the well.